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Terms and Conditions

  1. The site, the corresponding pages on social networks, provide an opportunity for any respectable user to access information on current topics, consultations, sample documents, sign statements, complaints, claims, orders and other documents in relation to themselves and any third parties. 
  2. Opening the site by the Visitor means unconditional acceptance of these Terms by the Visitor.
  3. The use of the services of the site in online or offline format is made by the user at his own risk and on his own behalf., unless specifically stated otherwise.
  4. Website owner : Zestylawyer SARL-s, registered under number B243718 in the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg.
  5. The owner makes every effort to ensure that the information on it is true, up-to-date and practical, while The owner of the site refuses to accept any responsibility for the results or for the process of using this site by the user.
  6. When reprinting any materials, a link to the site is required.
  7. When using some of the site's services, you will need to provide the Owner or his responsible employee with a power of attorney to represent your interests in state authorities.
  8. You are solely responsible for the correctness and accuracy of the data that you enter as part of the use of the services of the site.
  9. Where applicable, you authorize the Site Owner to publish the contents of your complaint, statement or other communication in the public domain on the website without indicating your personal data, in order to track the status of consideration of your complaint, statement or other complaint by the authority. For these purposes, only your initials may be used on the site.
  10. You authorize the site to receive and process responses to your complaints, statements or other requests from the authorities, through the site's email address or by regular mail. If at the same time you want to receive a response to your email address, you must indicate it in your complaint, application or appeal.
  11. All disputes are resolved through negotiations. In the event of a dispute, you must notify the Site Owner by e-mail [email protected] 
  12. Irresolvable disputes are resolved by ADR, and the only competent jurisdiction is Arbitration in Singapore. In this case, the parties are obliged to equally prepay the cost of the services of an independent arbitrator, which is limited to 1,500 euros. The Site Owner will appoint an appropriate independent arbitrator in Singapore.
  13. These rules come into force on 03/25/2021 and remain in effect until cancelled. The owner reserves the right to change these rules with a warning on the relevant page 2 days before the new rules come into force.
  14. The registration and issuance of cards is carried out by MTÜ Estonian Legal Alliance (registrikood 80598170). The funds received from you will be used to pay for legal advice from third-party lawyers, to help people and organizations who contact us in need of protection. You can transfer any donation for these purposes to the account EE854204278619602805, for which we will be grateful.

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