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Health Certificate

(8 customer reviews)

International Health Certificate comes in two formats: international and a European one. You will receive it onto your email, in PDF format. Save and use them as needed. Be sure to read the rules, details and restrictions of use below. To validate, point your phone's camera at your QR code without any governmental app, to view the authentification confirmation. This Certificate is valid in ANY country in the world. For authenticity purposes, we offer you to upload a photo of yourself when ordering, which will be visible on the validation page.

Our Certificates are already used by over 5000 people all over Europe. Please note that a validation by governmental applications is not normally required by governmental decrees related covid.

The use of state applications for control is not provided for by Decree N305 of the Government of the Republic of Estonia.

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Data for the certificate

By ordering this certificate, you agree to the following terms of use:
You are healthy and do not attend any event with obvious signs of illness
You take all measures in order not to harm the health of those around you
You cannot be vaccinated, or you are vaccinated, or you have a high enough level of antibodies after the recovery
You agree that this certificate does not serve the purpose of breaching the trust of third parties
Entire responsibility for the accuracy of the data indicated on the Health Certificate lies solely with the person who presents it to third parties
This certificate does not guarantee passage, participation, admission to any events whatsoever, and rany efusal, legal or illegal, to admit you does not indicate the invalidity of the certificate itself.


The International Health Certificate comes to you by email in two versions: In European and non-European design.

Scanning it with government applications such as Digilugu or CovidCert, etc. is not allowed, as it is not issued by the authorities of the EU countries, nor within the EU, nor their eastern or western neighbors.

Imagine the situation that you are an American, fully vaccinated with a recognized vaccine, and are currently traveling in your current country: by definition, you cannot have any EU-issued QR codes. You are not admitted to events according to the Covidpass, but according to some other document (for example, a vaccination certificate). This substitute document is our International Health Certificate. At the entrance control, you must explain to the inspector that this Certificate is not local, so it is not possible to check its validity through applications of the European Union such as Covid-Check.

To obtain our Certificate, it is enough to confirm just a few points of the health declaration, which hangs above the “Order” button.

You receive a QR code in PDF format, which you can print or save to your phone. Pointing the phone's camera at this QR code opens a confirmation of its validity, as well as an explanatory text.

Since a large number of our users live in Estonia, we inform you that in order to comply with the formal requirements of Decree No. 305 of the Estonian government on checking the availability of documents for access to events, including restaurants and cafes, which are not described in this Decree, it is enough to present our International Health Certificate. Normally, same applies to any country in the world.

Countries’ regulations normally not provide for the obligation to control the validity of the document with the mandatory use of a governmental application like Digilugu or covid-check, therefore, to stay legal, it is quite adequate to simply scan or simply look at your code (control visually). When scanning our code, merchant gets to our website with confirmation of the validity of the document, thus allowing the largest number of visitors to become his/her clients. We invite all owners of cafes, restaurants and other public place to join our affiliate program https://viralhelp.me/partners/

This Certificate is not a certificate of vaccination or of a recovery, is not a fake nor counterfeit and is not an illegal activity, as evidenced by numerous publications in various European press, in particular, МK-Estоniа

8 reviews for Сертификат здоровья

  1. Stanislav Maksimov

    Браво, молодцы !

  2. Sabina

    Спасибо за такую идею.сделала и воспользовалась сегодня в кафе,когда спросили-где маска?

  3. Alexander (verified owner)

    Алексей, добрый вечер!Сертификат сработал в театре в Таллине.

    Долго не хотели сканировать, так как пользовались приложением для сканирования кодов вакцинации,

    но после вопросов, «почему только этим приложением пользуетесь, просто наведите камеру» позвали администратора.

    Только когда она сама сканировала, прочитала и пустила!

    Спектакль прекрасен!
    Права отстоял благодаря вашему QR коду!


  4. Алекс

    Просто шёл поздно вечером в Старом городе мимо …

    Паб Без Имени
    5649 1491

    Там была очередь на вход. Проверяли код.
    Решил проверить, ради «спортивного интереса», пустят ли с вашим QR. 🤣

    Опять используют программу. ((

    Предложил просто сканировать камерой. 😉

    Не получилось у охранника сканировать… 🤔

    Воспользовался помощью «соседа» по очереди.
    «Охранник» прочитал ….
    и пустил!!!
    Без каких либо вопросов. )))

    Просто проверка QR кода. Это реально работает!

    Можете сказать другим! Пусть пользуются и не сомневаются.

    И печать поставил. Проходи.
    Я не пошёл. Пошёл дальше своей дорогой )

    Вы всё правильно делаете! 👍

  5. Alexei Bogdanov (verified owner)

    Добрый день, вводить дату рождения надо с использованием /

  6. PRUSSAKOVA Elvira

    Отличное решение

  7. Jelena

    В кристине кескусе со справкой вашей спокойно без маски, охранники уже в курсе, ура!

  8. Ольга (verified owner)

    Сегодня получила, пропустили в зоопарк, попробовала в спорт зале, тоже прошло. Правда надо простть чтобы сканировали именно камерой

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