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Mask Waiver card

(9 customer reviews)

If you are asked to explain why you are not wearing a mask, simply show this document to the person asking. Our idea is that if it is enough to simply verbally state that wearing a mask is contraindicated for you, then the presentation of written evidence should help stop any debate and use of force.
Please read the detailed description below before ordering.

Suggested price: 12.00

Data for the card

1. You are healthy and do not attend any event with obvious signs of illness

2. You take all measures in order not to harm the health of those around you

3. You cannot be vaccinated, or you are vaccinated, or you have a high enough level of antibodies after the recovery

4.You agree that this certificate does not serve the purpose of breaching the trust of third parties

5. Entire responsibility for the accuracy of the data indicated on the Health Certificate lies solely with the person who presents it to third parties

6. This certificate does not guarantee passage, participation, admission to any events whatsoever, and any refusal, legal or illegal, to admit you does not indicate the invalidity of the certificate itself.

Our MTÜ Estonian Legal Alliance uses the funds received from you to provide assistance to citizens and entrepreneurs, in a word, to those who really need it. We pay attorney fees when necessary. You can donate as much as you can. The usual fee paid by most of our visitors is 12 euros plus shipping costs. If you find it difficult to pay such an amount, we will be grateful for the amount you can afford. Also, if you want to support us, you can specify any other amount.


You receive two documents: the first is in A5 format, which you receive by e-mail within a few days (usually on Thursdays and Mondays), which you can immediately print, sign and take with you.

The second is the card itself, the size of an ordinary bank card, which we produce within a week (plus delivery time 2-3 days in Estonia, 1-4 weeks worldwide).

It is noteworthy that such certificates are issued by the governments of some countries themselves, but citizens of most countries must look for ways to protect their rights.

This card contains your official confirmation that you cannot wear a mask.

By default, the map is published in Estonian and English, a sample is presented on this page.

You can choose any language from the list and, in fact, any country, but unfortunately we cannot guarantee that we will produce such a card with reference to the law of the country where you live, because this requires careful study of the law. Moreover, within one country, as in Germany, in this regard, not federal laws, but the laws of the country may apply.
Therefore, in order to do everything right, we need your help in complying with the laws: you will benefit not only yourself, but also your friends and neighbors.

We currently have a link to the relevant law in the following countries:
Estonia, Lithuania, Latvia, Belgium, Luxembourg, France, Turkey.

In the case of other countries, reference will be made to the laws of Estonia. If you would like a link to the law in your country and it is not listed, please help us find the link to the relevant law in your country.

How does this document work?

It's good if you managed to get a certificate from a doctor about this, but doctors are scared, and in Estonia they are not issued at all.

If you are asked to explain why you are not wearing a mask, simply show this document to the person asking. Our idea is that if it is enough to simply verbally state that wearing a mask is contraindicated for you, then the presentation of written evidence should help stop any debate and use of force.

Unfortunately, we cannot guarantee this, but other things being equal, and even if the shooting continues, you will have evidence that you were attacked illegally and unreasonably. Nevertheless, we have cases confirming our innocence - in many European countries, when presenting our reference card, the mask was not asked.

In Estonia, since the end of September 2021, the Decree of the Government of Estonia No. 305 introduced the requirement to present a certificate from a doctor, but since this requirement is reflected in the text of the Order, it is ambiguous, and at the same time, when doctors do not issue such certificates, we advise you to contact doctor and ask for a certificate stating that you have consulted a doctor about a medical condition associated with it (for example, ear-nose-throat).

The doctor is obliged to issue such a certificate, and in most cases it will be enough for control. This possibility is set out in paragraph 8-1-1 of this Order.

However, the same document (clause 8-1-4) introduced the possibility not to wear a mask if it interferes with the performance of professional duties. What professional duties are is not deciphered anywhere, but we proceed from the fact that conducting, for example, a video or audio report from the place where you are going is quite logical.

Be prepared for the fact that you will not be asked about the true reasons for not wearing a mask, but will be immediately pushed out or detained: there are not so many literate and mentally stable people among the guards.

We cannot guarantee that our arguments will prevail in your possible dispute with a security guard or other person in uniform, and we cannot accept any responsibility for this. In such a difficult time, it is especially necessary for people of ideas to make an effort to protect their rights, and it is strange to expect that everyone around you will support you.

However, if you are detained for not wearing a mask, be calm and in no case be afraid of anything and do not argue with anyone - this can go sideways. Is it worth it?

For everyone who ordered a card, we have prepared a detailed memo on how to behave in case of detention, how to fill out the protocol correctly and check it so that it can be appealed later, including in court.

9 reviews for Справка-карточка для неношения маски

  1. Vadi Ivanen

    Thank you for your initiative.

  2. Aljona

    Супер! Спасибо за карту. Ходила за справкой для садика в поликлинику, мне попытались воспрепятствовать пройти без маски, показала карту и всё быстро решилось. Благодарю 🙏

  3. Mija Jefremova (verified owner)

    24 октября в торговом центре Кристина кескус в магазине House на требование надеть маску показалась сертификат извинились и отстали.
    Ура Это победа!!

  4. Маргарита

    Хочу сказать огромное спасибо за то что вы на стороне народа, и защищаете наши права и свободы!
    Заказала карту себе и мужу. Работает везде!

    Приятно чувствовать себя свободным человеком и дышать свободно воздухом! Огромное спасибо!
    Вы большие молодцы! Пусть Бог вам помогает!

    С уважением Маргарита

  5. Aleksandr (verified owner)

    Благодарю за вашу замечательную карточку, действительно без проблем везде с ней пускают, только в Selver молодой упёртый охранник из Viking Security AS потребовал медицинскую справку, которую по его же словам никто не выдаёт и заявил, что требует надеть маску хотя бы для вида, боясь что их самих оштрафуют, если я буду без маски магазин посещать.

  6. Alexei Bogdanov

    Привет! Телеграфирую свежие новости😊в порту пропустили без маски, сканировали сертификат, у одного выдавал error, у второго прошло. Дядьки нормальные попались

    Я сказала что медсестра и так в маске постоянно, отнеслись с пониманием

    Но что-то записывали, мои данные или что то долго возились

    Контроль полный

    Очень много туристов без масок, которым они раздают на месте и разьяснительные работы ведут

    Кстати вчера на Центральном рынке пропустили тоже по карточке. Нежданчик был, что там даже приставили охранника, откуда то из темного угла вынырнул

    (Прислала Оксана Б. из Таллинна через Мессенджер)

  7. Andrejs Strogonovs

    Спасибо вам огромное за сертификат, теперь во все заведения захожу без маски.Радуюсь жизни.

  8. Елена

    Спасибо! В Наутике Рими на кассе самообслуживания работница заблокировала кассу, т.к. я была без маски, показала ей карточку, пофыркала на меня, похамила, но кассу разблокировала.

  9. Jelizaveta

    Благодарю! Вчера в магазине не дали оплатить товар на кассе без маски, я показала карточку (впервые). Пропустили без проблем.

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