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Objection to denial of reimbursement

Hey, everybody!

It is a known fact and bitter truth that Higecassa refuses to compensate almost all of you who have claimed compensation for the side effects you screwed up after being vaccinated.

We decided to start the process - to make the first complaint to the Administrative Court in Tallinn to challenge the refusal of one of the patients - Õnne-Ann R.

(Before we go any further, subscribe to our Telegram feed https://t.me/Viralhelp)

So we plan to start that process this week with the first case, and we only have a week to file an appeal.

The idea is to provide you with assistance in drafting clear, correct and legally binding complaints that can be filed within the time limit, which is usually 30 days after you have been denied.

If you want to handle one case on your own, the costs associated with this process can amount to several thousand euros.

What we want to do is start one process to further automate it so that you can draw it up yourself and that means that the Administrative Court can take complaints about it from each of you in the proper legal way.

Our MTÜ has made an advance payment of about 1,000 euros in order to move the case forward. We would like to thank Kalle Gruntal from the EKRE party, who is involved in this case and is a necessary link.

We invite all people who have suffered negative side effects of vaccinations imposed by the government or your employer, those who have been denied compensation by Haigekassa, to share their data with us.

We will need your basic details, most importantly, the date of rejection, and of course all supporting documents.

We will try to help most of you, but those who have submitted the most complete file that allows us and the judge to make clear references and conclusions (e.g., your pre- and post-vaccination health status, your doctor's notes, etc., etc.) will be given priority.

Please note that you only have 30 days to contest the denial. If you are thinking whether or not you need to apply for compensation, just follow our process, you may be able to learn from it and we can help you better articulate your reasons and hopefully with reference to precedent.

By submitting your data, you agree to our data protection policy in accordance with the provisions of the GDPR.

Now please subscribe/ follow our TELEGRAM channel as it is the most stable means of communication. Mordokniga is censorship of the most innocuous things. https://t.me/ViralHelp

We will announce the details on Friday at the stream we plan to hold from Paida Fortress with Mr. Kalle, whom many of you know well.

We definitely need your help in moving this process forward and we encourage all of you to donate to this process, any amount will help.

You can make a donation quickly and easily on our website https://viralhelp.me/donations/ or simply make a transfer to MTÜ Estonian Legal Alliance so that we can fight injustice together.

Here's the link: https://viralhelp.me/donations/

Here's the MTÜ account number: EE854204278619602805.

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